Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Another week and I am still on the same book. 

What is to blame? It is a physical ARC and I have been spoiled by my Kindle. Yep, there, I said it. I prefer my ebooks now and I swore that would NEVER happen. Never say never. Now don't get me wrong. I still love getting my signed books, and buying hardcovers for my bookshelves for their loveliness and magnificent aroma, but I just can't get comfy, especially if I am reading in bed.


Tell Me Tuesday is co-hosted by me and my blogging bestie Brittersweet from PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM. It is a weekly/bi-weekly feature where you tell us what you are reading and what you are hoping to read next from your TBR. We are followed by the ever so lovley Pili from IN LOVE with HANDMADE. We are always so curious why readers read what they read.

So, seeing that I am still reading the brilliant Stone in the Sky, and I seriously neglected to add two TBR books to my Fall Reading List last TMT; this post will be all about those two books and their author.

NAPOLEON XYLOPHONE and XYZ by Frank Lambert.

I was originally called to attention about the beginnings of this trilogy by seeing the stunningly eerie cover of XYZ in a First Reads giveaway.

I loved this cover art so much I tweeted to the author about it.

I found out on Goodreads the first book was titled NAPOLEON XYLOPHONE so I went to Amazon to scope it out and found a free chapter sampler.

Which I am sad to say, isn't offered by Amazon any longer. I read a little bit of the first chapter and stopped because the story was so fabulous, I knew I would be even more hung up about not having the rest of the story if I read the entire sampler. Since then I have procured both as review books and am living happily.


There is a unique story behind the story... grab a cup of tea and I will tell you.

 "Frank [Lambert] has two main projects on-going right now, Napoleon Xylophone and Witching Hole. Both of these trilogies have a young disabled school boy as the main protagonist. Frank was inspired to write these stories by his young disabled son, Mikey, who is absolutely perfect. Mikey wanted to read about disabled hero’s he could look up to and dream about becoming one day. Without Mikey, Xylophone and Witching Hole would not exist. Without these two stories, Frank Lambert the writer would not exist."

HERE is a wonderful article written about the author, his son, and the book, Napoleon Xylophone.

"Napoleon Xylophone hates his name; that's why his friends call him Zam. He doesn't know it yet, but he is set to become a hero - a hero with a walking disability. When adventure comes knocking, Zam doesn't let his disability get in the way of fighting the changelings, wytes and gargoyles that come to life in the underworld beneath Newcastle. Not when he has a wheelchair that can fly, a ghost for a best friend and a grandfather who has created a new life form that allows whoever wears it to speak to Time..." ~ Goodreads

The Napoleon Xylophone PAGE

Frank Lambert always wanted to be a Zangulator, but had to settle for being a Chartered Engineer. He lives in North East England with his family and a Jack Russell who always looks guilty. While completing a Masters in Creative Writing, Napoleon Xylophone introduced himself. This is his first novel.


  1. I also kind of like my kindle for some books vs. physical copies, mostly because if it's a review copy I'm likely to underline passages (in pencil) and I don't like doing that with books kept in my physical library. With ebooks, you can later erase highlights (which, technically I can with physical copies, but not "without a trace"). And also, with my kindle, I can read stealthily in the dark- with a book I have to fuss with my reading lamp.
    Sounds like an interesting series- great post!
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. Thanks for visiting. I am looking forward to both of these books as my very next reads after Stone in the Sky (even though they are both physical copies). I am thinking maybe I need to be looking for a better reading chair. :)

  2. Kindles are amazing!! *wuzzies* Sorry i bailed on our TMT this week :-( Ive had to put some extra time in with lil froggy so ive been distracted to say the least :-)

  3. I love me my eBooks and I also love me my physical books! Reading a BIG book in a Kindle is the best, but for re-read favourites parts of a book there's nothing like a physical one!

  4. I feel like I'd be a great convert to kindle...if I had an ereader. XD I mostly read on my iPod and the screen is just so tiny I'm literally flicking a page every few seconds. I just find it tedious. BUT NEVER SAY NEVER! x) This one does sound good and what a name?! Sheesh. Napoleon Xylophone? I need to look this up.

    1. Hi hi hi, Cait. Yeah, if you get the chance even the original old Kindle is great for reading. I bought my sister's first generation Kindle ereader for recipe books to use in the kitchen, but my son loaded some school books on it and won't give it back. He also said he would never use an ereader, but never say never. Lol. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. We're the opposite- I'm much preferring physical books right now! For some reason, I feel more engrossed reading them than when I read ebooks. Good thing too because I really wanna tackle my physical TBR. :) Anyway, I love the cover of XYZ! So creeptatstic and awesome! And Napoleon Xylophone sounds interesting as well. :) Great post!

  6. Thanks Hazel!! I love that you have stopped by. I think I might need to get a better reading chair because that is the only place I can read my physical books comfortably now. I hope you get the chance to read these two books :)

  7. I've been reading mostly ebooks for a long time now and I'm starting to really miss reading print. I still love my Kindle, but I want to take more breaks from it and turn actual pages and use my bookmarks as I read.

    I guess I'm the opposite of you. Long books seem to take me much longer to read on my Kindle than in print lately.

  8. Yeah, I think everyone settles into their ebooks and physical copies in there own ways, and I really think mood and reading environment play a part in our choices. I cannot imagine reading ebooks outside, it would just seems strange. I also get the feeling that when I have grandchildren to read to, I will want a physical book; especially Harry Potter!

  9. Ha!! So I chuckled when I saw your admission. I recently admitted myself that I just prefer ebooks to physical books! I read them so much faster. And it's much easier to read my kindle in bed, to take places with me, and just easier to hold. (I have some hand pain). But still, there's nothing like a physical book for my shelf. I love the feel and smell, etc. My favorites I usually buy both a physical book for my shelves, then an ebook to read. It's crazy, but true. I'm so happy to see I'm not alone. :)

  10. Sometimes I think authors and publishers actually make more money because of those of us who also turn around and by a hardcover for our shelves, when we love a book. I am also more prone to buy a book by a new author if it is on special for less than $5, than to wait for the library to get it like I used to, so they get my money there, too! My cats prefer it, too, because I can have a free hand to pet them. Thanks for dropping by (and backing me up). :)


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