Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Bleh, I have been kind of BLUE this past week because of some "drama" on Facebook.

But Brittersweet, the originator of this feature, and my lovely cohost (auto-correct just changed that to cohort, lol), nominated me for a Liebster Award and made me feel better. Thanks Britter.

Sooo... here we go...

TELL ME TUESDAY is a feature cohosted by the clever Brittersweet at PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM, and myself. We want you to tell us WHAT you are reading and WHY, and what you are considering from your TBR pile for your next read and why. We are always curious about why people are reading what they are reading. So tell us!!


Again I am off my reading "rules" and only reading one book. There is an eARC that I REALLYwant to read, Burning Kingdoms, so I grabbed some "approved for all" books to pump up my stats to lessen the chance of getting DECLINED.

I know this woman must work for a publishing house.

So right now I am reading PRESS PLAY by Eric Devine.

And it is DEVINE.

This is only the second Contemporary YA I have read (not my usual thing), but the story is very dramatic and the MC reminds me of one of my nephews and a couple of my son's old high school buddies, rolled into one. This story will have you on the edge of your seat one minute and laughing the next. I am about 60% finished, and unless the story tanks in the back half for some reason, it is definitely worth four stars.


*UPDATE: This book ended up with FIVE STARS!! Read my mini Goodreads review HERE.

Once I am done with PRESS PLAY, which should be today, it is on to the next "approved for all" eARC... 

Yep, another Contemp, but Middle Grade this time. I hope it is a quick read so I can get back to reading The Queen of the Tearling, as soon as possible.


I am eating crow on this book.

Just before the 20% mark the story went fom okay to brilliant.


  1. I didn't know Press Play was available as "read now!" *eyes book* I may end up getting that one. I was recently approved for The Queen of the Tearling, so I'll be reading that one soon. :)

    I love the gifs. Well, not the one with that mean woman. I would be so upset if she did that to me!

    1. I have been enjoying both books so much. I went from a slump to having too many books that interest me. My half read, The Goldfinch, is on the back burner, too. Thanks for stopping by Kaitlin! I love having company here. :)

  2. Oh the gifs in this post were hilarious. ;) And the cover for Long Live The Queen...omg, so much awesome and creep all tied into one there! I hope you get approved for that book you really want!! I absolutely suck at NetGalley approvals. ;) I usually stick to the read-now sections.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Thank-you for stopping by! Yeah, I am going to hold myself to only requesting my ultimate wants, so my percentages don't deflate. It is interesting to see so many books I have been curious about show up on the "read now" list.

  3. Congrats on the Liebster award! Long Live the Queen certainly seems interesting...

    1. Thank-you for stopping by. I have been stopping by your blog quite a bit lately. I probably should comment more. :)


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