Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Welcome to our second installment of TELL ME TUESDAY. A creature feature that crawled out of the brain of my fellow Skullblogger, BRITTERSWEET from Please Feed the Bookworm. I am happy to be co-hosting this little beauty with her every TuEsDaY, come rain or shine. We want you to tell us what you are reading NOW, and why it is your CURRENT read, AND what you are reading NEXT from your TBR pile in the FUTURE. Please tell us...


Remember how I told you last week I usually have one ARC, one pleasure read, one slow read, and one Adult book going at a time? Well, throw that all out the window for this week. I  am starting my own new feature later tonight called The LATE NIGHT 2nd TuEsDaY DEBATE CLUB. Several people on Twitter have voiced a need for more discussion posts on book blogs, so this was my solution. If anyone wants to join just grab the meme image tonight and have a go. My first debate subject is about a previously unknown and unpublished author who purportedly received a seven figure advance and was offered an instant movie deal for her first novel. It has also been reported that Emma Watson was signed on to play the MC within weeks of Ms. Johansen's deal. That is why I am reading this...

I was lucky to get approved for an eARC of THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING from Edelweiss a couple of days ago. I stopped reading everything else so I could get a good chunk of the book read before I wrote my debate post. I have known about this curiously strange book deal for almost a year now, but no one else has seemed to have heard of it.

I have read a little less than 20% of the book and while it is good, it is definitely not the knock your socks off story one would expect for a seven figure advance, and pop tart movie deal with Emma in the pocket. Later today I will be doing my research for the LATE NIGHT post.


Well, I will be back to trying to finish The Dorothy Must Die prequel novella, No Place Like Oz. *sigh*

It is very juvenile. It reads more like a children's chapter book than YA. I was so looking forward to Reading Dorothy Must Die because I love anything Oz related, but if this is Paige's novel writing style, I am not not happy. I feel like I have had the promise of a delicious treat stolen from my hands.


This TELL ME TUESDAY has been brought to you by A Flock of Seagulls.


  1. If you don't like No Place Like Oz, you probably won't like Dorothy Must Die. I liked the prequel better, because the whole time I was reading DMD, I didn't understand how things had gotten the way they did. NPLO explained that. Then, DMD was pretty slow read through the halfway point, then it finally picked up. Both were just good, not great.

    1. I wonder why they didn't rearrange things and publish DMD as atleast an MG then? I feel with a couple of small things tweeked the novella would be the perfect Children's book. Where were the beta readers? Sometimes I think they try too hard to force storylines into a YA context.

  2. Loved the way u pimped out the image up top and thank flock of seagulls for bringing me this lovely post. R u enjoying the tearing book? Have unnoticed through out our bookworm friendship that I am horrible with names yet cause I am lol.

    1. TQotT is good. In fact it is one of those books that if you get into the groove of it on a Friday night, or Saturday morning, you could smooth ride through the weekend, but it is no Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or even Grisha Trilogy. I am totally confused about her book deal. Maybe some other people will have some ideas tonight. I will say one thing as a reader who likes to stop reading at the end of chapters; the chapters (atleast the beginning ones) are toooo looooooooong!

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    1. Thanks Britter. Skullbloggery!! Even though it is only monthly, I made it late night so it won't get in the way of TMT.

    2. Late night for us or for normal people? lol


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