I don't have access to Instagram via my Kindle tablet, so I started this page to participate in Ronyell, from RABBIT EARS BOOK BLOG's weekly feature BOOK PHOTO SUNDAYS. The top pictures will be the current additions and I will date them. This will also let me see my bookish photographic progress! I am using a Cannon Powershot SX410 IS.

JUNE 2017

MAY 2017
I took this for a Book Blogger Hop post.

APRIL 2017
This is my current Blogging For Books review copy. The clouds are an effects filter from one of my photo editing apps.

MARCH 2017

I took this for a cookbook review and giveaway.

I took this one for my February 52 Pins in 52 Weeks blog post. These are origami corner bookmarks.

JANUARY 15, 2016
FLYING EYE CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOKS! These are review books I was sent. Legs?, I am keeping for my someday grandchildren. Beach and Fun are going to a non-profit daycare in my city, and the large book will be a giveaway on my Children's blog TICKLING DRAGONS.

DECEMBER 11, 2016
I won a personalized softcover of one of my favorite fairytale retellings of all time, THORN, from the author in her holiday giveaway! It was a dark snowy day and the overhead kitchen light was causing glare, so I had to take it extremely close up. I used the white side of my light bounce to counteract the shadows with some of the little natural light from the windows. The background is a mixture of tiny colored tissue paper balls I made, and glitter confetti from a large New Years popper.

This was my birthday present from my cousin David. One selection of the chocolate came in a book shaped box!

This is the VERY LAST picture I have to take with my crappy Kindle Fire camera. Hooray!


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