Tuesday, November 4, 2014


TELL ME TUESDAY is a feature that oozed from the brains of Brittersweet from PLEASE FEED the BOOKWORM, and myself, after a mind-melting Armchair BEA Twitter party. It is a weekly, or bi-weekly feature depending on your reading style, where we ask you what you are reading now, and why, and what you will be reading next from your TBR pile, and why.  Pili from In Love with Handmade is our "only child" feature follower and we luff her so much! We are all so curious why people read what they read.


I've been pretty lazy with my reading the last couple of weeks, but hey, I'm reading. I finished Stone in the Sky, FINALLY, and gave it FIVE STARS on Goodreads.

Right now I am finishing up NAPOLEON XYLOPHONE and will be reading the sequel, XYZ, right after.

I started TALON on Sunday and have been reading about a chapter a day. This is my first Julie Kagawa novel. I love her writing style, it's very smooth. I haven't gotten far enough to give any thoughts or impressions about the storyline, yet.

So what's up next?



  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! ENSNAREEEEED!! I want to hear all about how awesome it is, but NO SPOILERS (of course!!).
    I have so very little reading time since I've starting working and trying to catch up with everything... ugh!!

    1. My comment below was meant for you, Pili. Somehow I didn't hit the reply button.

  2. I've read every book by Julie Kawaga, except Talon. But I've heard it's amazing!
    Hope you enjoy it! and I hope Ensnared arrives soon!

  3. My work entails a lot of reading (not books though, too bad), I have come to the conclusion that even though I power through my Monday weekly projects list, so I have several blocks of free reading time, I may just be burned out by the printed word, in general, by the time Friday rolls around. So, in a roundabout way, I feel your frustration. My new motto is if I'm trying, that's all that matters. Britter and I have also been discussing giving up reading extraneous, stats building ARCs on Edelweiss and Netgalley, so we have more time to read books we sincerely want to read. I have so many books on my tbr that were highly anticipated titles for me, that are over a year old now, and I have yet to read them. I want this to be my winter of reading contentment. :) Thanks again Pili for continuing to follow our humble feature!

  4. YAY for reading and i will never give up I just need break to catch up lol.


  6. I need to come by more regularly. I love your posts, I just usually fly by read 'em and keep going. :/ Sorry for that! As for me and my reads, I just finished the amazing ARC of "The Great Zoo of China" by Matthew Reilly, which I Loooooooooooved soooooooooo much!!!! It was great! I'll be going back to Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes which got pushed to the side for the Zoo. At night I'm listening to The Secret of Excalibur by Andy McDermott. I started the series years ago and only read one, so I'm going through a listening of the audio as I love the narrator. After those, it's book 4 of the McDermott's and I don't know what for Kindle, I have a lot of books on my plate, so I don't know where I'll go first!

  7. I still haven't listened to an audio book and it was a few months ago that I mentioned it on one of your blog posts. I have three on my Kindle and should get to it because I could crochet while listening, something I haven't done in ages because of reading. Thanks for stopping by. I do the same thing sometimes with just reading and dashing off. I think maybe I'll start leaving smiley faces in the comments instead. The Great Zoo of China sounds interesting. I will go check it out on Goodreads. :)


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