Sunday, July 25, 2021

SHOW AND TELL #6 - July #DailyGoodieBox Unboxing



I kept seeing this product sample box on Mary's blog, Dark Thoughts, and decided I would give it a whirl. I love this box because the products are most likely to be full size, or packs of multiple sample sizes. I love natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products, so it's a great way to find new ethically inclined companies, and to try their products totally free; with no shipping fees! They will never ask for a credit card number. If you want to try for your own Daily Goodie Box click the link above or go to their Facebook page: HERE.
Daily Goodie Box has a new sister website!

Every day there will be a link to a product from one of their brand partners to request, which will be sent directly to you if you are chosen. Again, no shipping fees and no credit card number required! I have already signed up and you should, too!


I'm not a fan of passion fruit and my son doesn't drink anything with caffeine in it, so this tea was taken over to my son's friend's weekly game night and was loved by one and all. This tea has an extra caffeine boost and a superfood infusion of moringa. The tea bags are cute, too!

My son gets occasional breakouts so I gave him this acne and inflammation treatment soap to try out, and he gave it two thumbs up! It didn't make his face feel dry or taught, and he liked that it didn't have a medicinal scent.

I am always excited when I see a Home Free baked good in my Daily Goodie Box, and Lemon Burst happens to be my favorite. YUMMY! These cookies are free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat and gluten. Also no soy, rice, sesame, or corn. They are vegan, kosher pareve, low sodium, and every serving of mini cookies contains at least 1/2 serving of whole grain!

The day I received my sample box my son was going to a vintage car race, so he grabbed this right away. He and all of his friends used it and no one was bothered by mosquitos or gnats. This was definitely a win, and it smells good, too!

Ecco Lips lip balms are products my family has been using, and loving, for quite awhile, so I always have a big smile on my face when I see one tucked into my Goodie Box. Besides having great products, the company is solar powered and the lip balm tubes are 100% plastic free.

Okay, I'm going to admit, I was a huge skeptic when it came to CBD because all of the topical products I have tried either didn't work, or only worked a tiny bit for a very short period of time. Therefore, when I took this product (my first time actually ingesting CBD), I wasn't expecting anything to happen, so I went on with my day and forgot about it. About twenty minutes later I started feeling tingly, and because I had forgotten I had taken a gummy, I became a little concerned. Ha ha. When the tingling went away I started feeling a bit giggly and then I remembered. I was so calm. I have started taking them when I feel anxious. Thank you, Daily Goodie Box, I am now a huge CBD fan!
Use code GOODIE at checkout for 25% off your cbdMD order.

Do you like getting free samples?

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