Friday, November 10, 2017

COVER CONVERSATIONS #6 - A Little Harry Potter Eye Candy


I needed a quick regular third post a week, so I copied off Greg's paper, ha ha, and am posting interesting covers on Fridays. Drop by and give his cover a peek over on BOOK HAVEN.


I wish there had been a high quality image of this cover somewhere. Even the Scholastic page representation was fuzzy.

Anyway... the cover I had picked for this week got bumped because Annemieke from A DANCE WITH BOOKS sent me a photo of the two illustrated editions her hubby just gifted her, and I did not realize this cover was in dark colors! *huge heart eyes* I only have one illustrated so far...
The Manchild still owes me Chamber of Secrets from Mother's Day and Prisoner of Azkaban for my Birthday. I asked him for the illustrated Fantastic Beasts for Yule. I have a feeling I will be getting all three at once. Ha ha!

There are two different dust jackets for this book; of course I want the above dark themed edition.
Collecting the different editions of the Harry Potter books can be a bit intimidating, and space consuming, so I am curtailing myself to the illustrated editions and maybe the RAVENCLAW BOXED SET. Next year I will be starting my HP re-reads  listening to the audiobooks while simultaneously reading along with the illustrated editions. I can hardly wait!
Do you collect different editions of any book titles?

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