Thursday, April 7, 2016


Let's have another coloring book review, some tips, and a GIVEAWAY!
It's springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, well, at least for some of you. Not here; we have snow and it is 15°F (-9°C)! Looking through this coloring book with its images of flowers, birds, and butterflies made me forget about the dreadful weather for a while. The inspirational quotes seeded through the book helped, too.

I would consider this book medium grade on the scale of coloring books. It is much nicer than the first Doodle Arts book I was sent that I gave away last time, but not as nice as the Lost Ocean coloring book that Random House sent me. The pages are only one sided, so when it says there are 96 pages there are less than 50 images to color. Also, the pages are not as thick and since Heather, from RANDOM REDHEADED RAMBLINGS, commented on her Harry Potter coloring-in book review that you can use gel pens in the highend books (which Lost Ocean is), with no bleed through, I have enjoyed using a combination of gel pens and colored pencils!

One aspect I love about this book is there is a variety of complexity in the different images. Some pages are quite intricate, and others simple. I know sometimes I don't have the patience to color in tiny spaces and would prefer a more basic design. I also love that the inspirational quotes, from people like Wordsworth and Mahler, are classic and not the cheesy Facebook type sayings I have seen in other coloring books.
I gave this book three stars on Goodreads because it is nice for a mid-grade type, but I think a little more pricey than others in that category. If it dropped to around $5.00 I would give it 3.5 stars.

The last time I did a coloring book giveaway I came across Litha Nelle's, from VICTORIAN SOUL CRITIQUES, colored pencil post where she tried different brands and different price range pencils, and rated them. She made charts of the color quality on paper. It is a wonderfully informative post and you can read it: HERE.

The Lost Ocean coloring book images are seriously intricate and I have next to zero time to color, so seeing that it is probably going to take me years to finish mine, I am giving the above reviewed book away! Plus a $5.00 Amazon gift card to help buy colored pencils or gel pens. Or an ebook. Heh heh. I promise to look the other way.

Must be 13 years of age.
No P.O. boxes.
No tweets from giveaway only accounts.
Not responsible for USPS loss or damage.
US only.
(Don't be sad my blogversary givie will be INT!)
Don't be a cheater - I check!
You will have 72 hours to claim after notification.

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Do you color?


  1. I color a lot (as evidenced by the post above). I used to have to buy the old velvet posters for my coloring satisfaction, but luckily with the advent of the craze of adult coloring, there are many more options than there were previously.
    Thanks for sharing my post (again) La La! :)
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. These were some, along time ago, that were sold in fine art supply stores. My one high school friend who was an Art Major in college gave me one for Christmas one year. I think only one company made them back then because when we got our first Barnes and Noble in 1992, they had a small assortment from the same company. They were nowhere as fancy as most that are out today, though. I then started buying coloring books for my friends and family. I still have some that my ex bought me that I didn't completely finish, hanging out somewhere. I think this new art craze is fabulous. I think it helps center people. :)

  2. I do color! only when I make thank you cards though.

    1. I have been thinking about doing handmade cards myself lately. I know it is something I would appreciate getting. :)

  3. Of course! Have loved it since I was a kid.

  4. Great post! Thanks for the mention! I have yet to get Lost Ocean, I am waiting till it comes down in price but bizarrely if I buy the French version it is cheaper....!

    1. That is weird. Having the French version would be nice though, I think. I appreciated that you mentioned the gel pens in your post because I love using the gel pens. :)

  5. I would LOVE to win this! I have been meaning to get some adult coloring books for some time now. I love coloring.I am definitely going to check out the above post in guide to coloring bliss as well. Thanks for the shot at this wonderful giveaway. 😊

    1. You are welcome. I wish I had more time to color because I love it :)


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