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Beautiful People is for writers. Every month, Cait and Sky post a list of ten questions for you to answer about your characters. It’s designed to help you get to know your characters – their quirks, their personality, their flaws, and who they are. You can satiate your curiosity about this feature: HERE. Please join us!

I HAVE TWO CHAPTERS OF HIDDEN MAGIC UP ON WATTPAD! There will be two more chapters up this weekend!
Here is the cover. I am so excited. You can start reading it: HERE.

Now in other news... let's get back to this month's questions. Which I am doing at the very last minute. Yikes!

1. My Hidden Magic MC was inspired by me, actually, they say write what you know and Saffron is very much like nine year old me.

2. Saffron's daily routine when she is staying at Belfry Manor with her grandparents is: getting up late because children don't have to go to bed until midnight at the manor, eating breakfast, feeding her grandmother's seven black cats, trying to sneak out of the house so she doesn't have to interact with her cousin Cyx, birdwatching, bug collecting, wildflower picking, hanging out in the attic with Fig, helping Mrs. Knickerbocker the cook make dinner, reading, trying to do more than just Wishcraft while hidden in the kitchen pantry.

3. Saffron is only nine, but if she stays the same temperament she would be in the retro-hippie/boho group in high school.

4. Life situation things Saffron has to tolerate are: her mother's drinking problem and narcissism, her grandmother's proper stiffness, her beloved grandfather being gone nine months out of the year, being a stand-in mother for her little brother, and being away from her best friend every summer.

5. In an awkward silence Saffron would probably sit quietly and stare at the floor while twirling one of her pigtail braids around her fingers.

6. Yes she can swim. Her grandfather taught her in the enormous pond on the manor property; which by the way has a replica Viking ship, big enough for six people, floating on it.

7. One major event that shaped who Saffron is would be the birth of her little brother because at six years old she had to become his mother in most respects because of their mother's drinking problem.

8. I think what  Saffron values most are the little snippets of love, attention, and acceptance she gets from her grandfather, her grandmother's best friend Gi Gi, and her bestfriend's mother. Also, her little brother. I think she values him more than anything else on Earth.

9. I think Saffron believes in giving beyond second chances. I know she has given her mother a multitude of get out of jail free passes. She has trust issues, but only with her mother. The one person you shouldn't have to have trust issues with.

10. If Saffron is having a rough day her first choice to make herself feel better would be hanging out with her grandfather, but he is usually gone on business trips. Next would be listening to old records with Fig in the attic and twirling.
Another wonderful group of questions by Cait and Sky. Thank you.


  1. Once the next 2 chapters are on Wattie I'm totally reading them! I love the cover BTW, super cute!!

    1. Yay! There is more exciting stuff in the next two chapters. :)


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