Monday, November 9, 2015


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I tell you about my ILLUMINAE experience, my new KINDLE FIRE, and more missing eARCs. Yikes!


I finally remembered to put my, THE INFINITE, review up! There is a special going on for both of the series ebooks. They are $1.99 and added narration is $1.99.
You can read my 4.5 star review, HERE.
I also FINALLY hit 100 followers on BLOGLOVIN'.

I nabbed SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA (shouldn't that be Sapien's) thanks to a blogger I follow on Twitter. It is still $1.99, I checked just now. It is one of the books up for a Goodreads award, and everyone has been telling me to read it.

RI, over at HIVER ET CAFE has a wonderfully informative blog post about FOUNTAIN PENS. I have always been interested because of the beautiful color inks you can use. I learned that you can buy cheap disposables to try to see if you like writing with them.

Once again, CAIT from PAPER FURY was making us laugh with her about our common blogging experiences. This time it was all about MISTAKES.

And just in case you have been living under a rock somewhere, there was big news on the JKR WIZARDING front. The first official pictures from the set can be found, HERE. The story catalyst is the magic NEWT is trying to get through American Customs in a briefcase. But the big buzz forming lines on both sides of yea and nay is the fact that the American word for muggle is no-maj. JKR also announced that she is getting ready to write another Children's book.

* There may be a review. I posted a review of a book I love which is a sequel to a book I loved, on Halloween Day. The author was retweeting everyone's review posts and putting the links on her Facebook page, that is, everyone's but mine. It was a 4.5 star review so it wasn't the rating. I know my reviews are not standard form, but exposure is exposure; at least I thought it was. I took the post down out of embarrassment, and now I am pondering whether to redraft it in a more formal format, or just repost it and say whatever. What do you think?
Have a splendid week!


  1. Thank you so much for linking my blog post on fountain pens! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) <3

  2. This is strange about the author. Is it possible it was just overlooked? I would repost it and author be damned. If it was a book you really enjoyed then share it! I'm sure other readers who are curious about the book will find it useful. I'm so far behind on the my blog reading so I'm curious to see what your missing eARC experience is about. Hopefully nothing too awful! I'll be caught up soon so I can put my curiosity to rest. Have a great week!

    1. Gosh, I think most everyone has been dragging their feet with blogging lately and/or reading slumps, including me. Twitter has been filled with tweets about it, and there have been some blog posts about it, too. I think it is the changing of seasons. I gave myself a little pep talk and I am just going to reblog the review, as is, next Monday. I like my reviews to be like I am sitting and having coffee with a friend. I am always telling other bloggers to do what they love on their blogs , I need to follow my own advice. :)

  3. I'm not sure what the author was all about, but hey never take your post down, it was probably just over looked.

    There has been lots in the news here about JK and the play but how is this for exciting, she lives a couple of miles from me!! Her country estate is but a five minute drive and get this on halloween she had a massive party and the whole hillside was lit up like nothing on earth, I'd love to have been invited!

    1. Gahhhhhhhhhh! I would die! Have you ever run into her in a shop, or seen her outside? One of my best friend's daughter lives a few houses from Martha Stewart's main residence, and she says the same thing about wishing she would get invited to the outdoor parties she has seen. :)


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