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WARNING: There are no SPOILERS for THE INFINITE in this review, but if you haven't read GATES OF THREAD AND STONE, this review will spoil the ending for you, and believe me you DO NOT want that because you need to be hit full force with the FLOOD OF EMOTION the author creates at the end of that novel! I am so old and jaded that books do not usually make me cry anymore, but GoTaS made me full on hugging the tissue box SNOT CRY! You can read my FIVE STAR review of  GATES OF THREAD AND STONE, HERE.
"In this thrilling sequel to Gates of Thread and Stone, Kai must decide how much of her humanity she’s willing to lose to protect the only family she’s ever known."

This Young Adult novel is Fantasy with some Science Fiction, and a little Steampunk thrown in for extra flavor.

As you can see there are new places on the map and you know what that means!
This is all the review you need.

Ha ha, but I will give you more...

Horrifyingly LETHAL monstrosities!


They look like a combination of a CHEETAH and a WOLF to me.

If I had a GRAY, this is what it would be.

There are new lands on the map, and one particular setting set my imagination on fire. Lee has a skillful way of giving the perfect amount of description to set the stage for allowing the reader's mind to take flight. There are new characters, and one of them is an immortal. And yes, Reev and Mason are back causing emotional overload in Kai's already chaotic life.

If you read my review of GATES OF THREAD AND STONE you know that Lori M. Lee somehow tricked me into loving Gods and Goddesses. No easy feat, and a noble nod to her story telling talents. She also kept me loving the first book even though it has its fair share of romance. She proved that I can, and will, love YA romantic scenes if they are skillfully written and not cliché.

My favorite couple is back, KAI and AVAN, although, after the gut twisting events at the end of GoTaS, it is not the same relationship they had before. The author's romantic writing style is still perfection for my non grind-grope-groan romance tastes. I would rather hyperventilate over MONSTERS and GRAYS; ha ha! Sultry I think is the best word to describe Lee's love scenes. Slow and smoldering.

The first book, GATES OF THREAD AND STONE, read more like an Adult Fantasy for me, so it was a total package weighing in at five stars. THE INFINITE will be coming in at...

There was a little bit too much fashion and make-up in this second book for my tastes, so it wasn't quite the perfect package for me this time around, but I know that those things are a welcome addition for most YA readers and will have them loving this story even more.



  1. I'm beyond impatient to know more about book 3 because the ending of book two left me SO WANTING MORE! And Lori shared a lil excerpt of book 3 that had me soooo intrigued!!

    1. I did not know she shared an excerpt. I will have to go and scour her blog! Thanks for the heads up. ;)


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