Sunday, October 11, 2015


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Yep, this was it this week, but I finally figured out my blogging slippage. I have one almost full time job pulling research and reference materials for a professor who writes for medical and psychiatric journals, and university texts, and another "as needed" job with my old boss and his musicians' promotional company. I do not work at my university job for three months in the summer. I got so used to posting nearly everyday over the summer that I forgot I can't while I am working full time. Trying to do this in September burned me out for October. Plus the Blogger coding fix fiasco that is still going on. I am doing some rescheduling and should be 100% functioning again here next week. I will also be doing some blogging ahead during holiday breaks. I realized features, like Top Five Friday, I should be doing several ahead when I find myself in the blogging zone. Live and learn. Ha ha!

All of these titles are FREE Classics ebooks on Amazon with 99¢ added narration...
Wuthering Heights
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Heart of Darkness
Jane Eyre
The Time Machine
Great Expectations
A Tale of Two Cities
A Christmas Carol
The Jungle
*If the Kindle page says another price for the added narration, go to the book's Amazon page and look. A Christmas Carol says $2.99 on its KINDLE page and 99¢ on the Amazon page.

Both of these are $1.99 ebooks on Amazon right now. The third and final book comes out in June 2016.

*Please check prices before buying because we all know how they change from day to day.

Heather from RANDOM REDHEADED RAMBLINGS has a Bizarre Books weekly feature that I love. She has done three so far. This is one of my favorites: STRAY SHOPPING CARTS OF EASTERN NORTH AMERICA.

Wednesday"s WEIRD WORD was...

MONDAY REVIEW - The Infinite
THURSDAY TAG - Halloween BOO-k Tag
TOP FIVE FRIDAY - Dream Author Duos

Have a magnificent week!


  1. It is so hard to work full time and blog regularly. Irritating... :) I like Heather's Bizarre Books too, there are some hilarious out there.

    Hope you get in the zone again, I've been scheduling ahead and am actually doing pretty good! LOL. Have a super week.

    1. I was being greedy because the blogging every day was pulling in almost a thousand views a week. Just from only posting twice this week I lost 250 some views. Ouch. Yes, scheduling ahead seems to be my only hope. :)

  2. I can see how getting back to work would definitely affect your blogging time. I have these dreams of getting ahead on the different memes I do but so far I haven't actually made it happen. The shopping cart book looks entertaining. I always mean to follow Heather but kept forgetting so thanks for the reminder. Have a great week!

    1. I finally did sticky notes on my laptop to remember people's features to follow. I love weird ones like blizzard books. I love the Beyond the Books feature you and Greg follow. :)

  3. Great that you've been able to work out your blogging and life priorities and plan around them. I've been slack this past week but really have no excuse unfortunately as I'm only working a few hours a week!

    It sounds like you're on top of the planning now!

    1. Yeah, I hope so, we shall see. Lol. I am also getting one of the $50 Kindle Fires,that are coming out on the 27th. I will be able to use it for audiobooks and games, and be saving the battery on my Fire HD for blogging. Not having to blog on my laptop after working on it most of the day helps. Sitting in a comfy chair with the Kindle is primo for blogging. :)

  4. Oh, I have read most of those classics! And they're really good! Wuthering Heights is actually one of my favourite books, and so are Jane Eyre and Great Expectations. Dracula, Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde and A Christmas Carol are good too. :) I hope you like them when/if you read them!

    Vane at Books With Chemistry

    1. I have read them all except for A Christmas Carol. I found a free audiobook of Jane Eyre a while ago and after listening to it thought it would be great to re"read" all of my favorite classics via audiobooks. Now I just have to find the time. :)

  5. Thank you for the mention, I am so glad you are enjoying it!!!

    I have read the first Tearling book and it is a really good read, the second book alas is near the middle of my TBR pile!

    Have a great week!

  6. Ooooh, good luck with work, Lala!! I can't even imagine having the energy and time to blog while doing a full-time job! :O :O I only work part time and sometimes I wish there were stil more hours in a day to do everything!

    Faye at The Social Potato


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