Saturday, January 18, 2014

Favorite DR. SEUSS BoOk? This is mine...

My father did the mail order thing for me when I was four and I received a new Seuss book every month. I wish I still had some of the out of print books like, As Whales Go By and the story about a space station (before there was one). Of probably twenty-four, or so, of those Seuss of the Month books I only have The Cat in the Hat and Put Me in the Zoo left. My mother is a "toss it" person, so not much survived from my childhood. My sister is cleaning out our mother's attic and I keep hoping she will find more Seuss.

I made sure I did the Book of the Month membership with my son. I not only wanted him to have the books to love, I wanted him to experience the shear joy of finding the newest book in the mailbox every month.

Please tell us your favorite Seuss and your memories of the book. :)

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