Sunday, February 22, 2015


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I've become depressed with this neverending sub-zero weather, so I have been using my mother's strategy and looking at seed catalogs and daydreaming about flowers.

There were a lot of things going on this week, so I will be hitting on the highlights I can remember because it was kind of a blur.


I had wanted an ARC of Made You Up even though it is YA Contemporary, and I don't usually read those, because it deals with Schizophrenia. I had two acquaintances in college suffering with it. One has done okay and one hasn't. I am truly curious how this book handles the subject. I was happy to see I was approved.

I like to browse the "download" selections for gardening books and cookbooks and I came across this excellent book...

It is mainly about using every possible part of a plant in cooking, but it also has tips on storage and nutrition facts. You can read my Goodreads mini-review, HERE.


My heart's desire this week on Edelweiss was Peaceful Neighbor and I was over the moon when I saw I was approved.

Mr. Rogers was a huge part of my son's childhood. I had the privilege of meeting Fred Rogers when my ex and I shot the production stills for an episode he filmed in Ithaca, N.Y. The man simply radiated positive energy. I will be doing a special review of this book and will include some of those photographs.

I posted a TMT on Tuesday.


I received my Goodreads First Reads win of The Winter People, and my Amazon order of Serendipity Market arrived.


My Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway prize from author Lori M. Lee arrived! I was expecting a signed hardcover of her first book, Gates of Thread and Stone, and an ARC of the sequel, The Infinite, but she sent me both signed in hardcover!

Again, I will get better photos for my end of the month Stacking the Shelves post.



I had been disappointed to find out that the ebook of Seraphina  I received from Netgalley was only a sampler so I was overjoyed to find it as an ebook for $1.99 this week!  I can now binge read because I did get a complete ARC of the sequel Shadow Scale from Netgalley.


I was alowed to pick a choice of two books from a selection of four Amazon Read It First books because of my Prime 30 day free trial. I chose The Mermaid's Sister and some other book I can't remember because it was a mystery (not my thing)

*Note... I am glad I got the Amazon Prime free 30 day trial because the television /movies selection is weak and most of the shows I want to watch are at extra cost, even the past seasons!  Also, most of the movies I am interested in cost extra to rent even if they are years and years old. The free two day shipping is only on a very small number of select items and the book I ordered that had it included took four business days to get here! It is not a good deal for what my needs are. I will be looking into Hulu and Netflix.

Any sugestions about Hulu and/or Netflix?


  1. I hear you about the subzero temps, we had a COLD week with temps below 10 most of the time, and wind chills were awful. So tired of it... and to think I was enjoying winter a short time ago. Not anymore... :)

    I like it when YA books deal with mental illness, even though I don't usually read contemporaries I think young people need to see good depictions of those issues so they know they're not alone, if they suffer from something.

    I like Netflix, although I've been raving about Agent carter and they didn't have it, so I got Hulu to catch up on that show. I think both are good, and a good deal for me since I'm not splurging on cable right now, and I don't watch that many shows anyway. I do want to watch Galavant and the Librarians though, I know Hulu has Galavant. You could free trial them and see if they have the shows you like...

    1. I did away with my cable, too, and was thinking that Prime was going to save me money. It was very disappointing to find out it's short comings. As soon as the Prime 30 days is up I will start one ofthe other trials. :)

  2. Oh. so many books this week that I want. LOL I stayed away from Edelweiss and netgalley again this week. It was hard to delete those emails but I did:)
    I have Netflix and am now searching for TV shows to watch. I'm watching Saving Grace again from start to finish and Eureka. So many news ones I've tried and gave up on. But there a lot to choose from and I've found some movies I'd missed too.
    My Sunday Post -

    1. I was already to start watching a bunch of older movies and was sad all but one still had a $2.49 rental fee. I think I might start with Netflix. I wish I had your willpiwer to stay away from NetG and EW! :)

  3. Jealous you got Shadowscale!! As for TV shows (and not knowing what kind of shows you like): I just binge watched Galavant. If you like Princess Bride/funny Musicals, then you'll love it. :) What kind of shows do you like? I watch a lot of TV. LOL.

  4. I'm over this awful weather too. It did warm up yesterday and today, so I'm hoping it stays this way. I have Shadowscale coming up, so hopefully it'll be just as good as the first one. I read a recap of it a few days ago so I should be good to go. If I had more time I would definitely request Made You Up, it's one of my most anticipated reads this year.

  5. Bloody cold weather is a real bummer for sure, even if I cannot say that I have been experiencing it as of late at all... it's not that cold where I live!

    I wish we had Netflix here in Spain, it sounds like such an amazing thing to have!
    And YAY for winning giveaways and getting awesome books signed and in hardcover!!

    Happy reading, La!

  6. I've bought a cookbook such as this one for my library, how to use everything in food. Yesterday, we had a beautiful spring day as soon as the fog cleared and the temperatures went up, we went walking around our village and realized we truly had missed it ! I hope you'll be feeling better, take care :)

  7. I've got too blogging friends who are into seedlings! You might like Stephanie's posts (particularly her Saturdays in the garden). She
    reads a pretty wide variety of books like you do, but I don't think your bookish interests overlap a whole lot. (Are you big into sci-fi or historical fiction at all?)

    Opinions on Hulu and Netflix: I actually use both. BUT - I don't pay for Hulu anymore, and I use the streaming only for Netflix.

    When I first started paying for it, it's because there were no ads. Regardless now, there are ads. It might be worth it if you want to watch it on something other than your computer (you HAVE to have plus for anything else), but a good portion of my shows weren't available to stream from my tv, even with my paying subscription. And there are a few shows that you can see the full season if you've got plus, but again they weren't really the ones I was interested in. Hulu has a great selection at the free price, but it's more useful for ongoing, current shows that you are watching. It's basically a way to watch tv if you A. don't want to pay for tv or B. aren't home when the show you want to watch is on. It's got a great selection of anime and K-dramas, and pretty much all of them have the whole seasons up.

    Netflix is MUCH better for binge watching and for movie selections. I'm more of a tv show girl, so it's got loads and loads for me to binge on. The DVD selection might be better if you want newer stuff, but honestly the stuff on streaming is updated pretty frequently. If you are more into binge watching, I definitely recommend Netflix because you don't have to worry about watching a certain episode before it expires (like on Hulu).

  8. I am big on Science Fiction! I will definitely check out Stephanie's blog. Thanks for all of the Netflix/Hulu information. As soon as the Prime is done, I am going to check them out. The K Dramas and PBS are probably my biggest tv wants.


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