Saturday, December 17, 2016


I saw this challenge on Annemieke's blog A DANCE WITH BOOKS, and I was interested because I am going to be cataloging both my unread Kindle Library ebooks and audiobooks, and the physical copies on my shelves I have not read yet. So for me this challenge will only be for titles I already own. You can join this challenge on Austine's blog NOVEL KNIGHT. It is simple and straightforward, and... there is a Hogwarts mini-challenge! I will be winning house cup points for Ravenclaw, obviously.

Here is my list of 50 owned books...

Waiting For Buddy Guy - ebook - backlist ARC
Les Paul In His Own Words - ebook - backlist ARC
Music From Standing Waves - ebook
The Vilolin Maker- ebook
Just Kids - ebook
Flowers for Algernon - ebook
Mary Poppins - ebook
Peter Pan - ebook
Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry - ebook
The Red Garden - ebook
Illumination Night - ebook
The Story Sisters - ebook
Fortune's Daughter - ebook
Survival Lessons - ebook
Red Rising - ebook - backlist review book
Golden Son - ebook - backlist ARC
Ruin and Rising - ebook
The Knife Of Never Letting Go - ebook
Half Bad - ebook
Moo - ebook - backlist ARC
The Darkest Minds - ebook
A Long Way To a Small Angry Planet - ebook
Mosquitoland - ebook
The Invisable Library - ebook
The Wolf In the Attic - ebook -backlist ARC
Parable Of the Talents - ebook
Parable Of the Sower - ebook
Miss E - book
Terrier - ebook
Coraline - ebook
Crenshsaw - ebook 
Unwind - ebook
The Subtle Knife - ebook
The Amber Spy Glass - ebook
The Girl With All the Gifts - ebook
Moojie Littleman - ebook
My Man Jeeves - ebook
The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender - ebook
Ulysses - audiobook
War and Peace - audiobook
Fairyland #2 - ebook & bookshelf
Fairyland #3 - ebook & bookshelf
Fairyland #4 - bookshelf
M train - bookshelf
Dance Of the Red Death - bookshelf
An Acceptable Time - bookshelf
Toxic Heart - bookshelf
Feed - bookshelf
Stella By Startlight - bookshelf - backlist ARC
Vassa In the Night - bookshelf - backlist ARC

Plus more if I can do it, ha ha! I haven't looked at my shelves yet, this was all from memory.

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