Sunday, August 7, 2016


This week I am welcoming Dejah from LEGEND OF LOST BOOKS.

There are a lot of reasons why I feel as though stand alones are better than a series. There is a definite ending. With stand alones you don’t have to worry about cliffhangers. I enjoy knowing how a story ends. What I don’t enjoy is knowing how a storyline ends years down the road. I would forget what happened and then I would have to reread the book before it. I could marathon a series but that leads me to my next issue.
I feel stuck. I know how weird that sounds. Stuck where? Stuck in the world with these characters. For example, The Mortal Instruments. The series is 6 books long and then there are numerous spin offs. I don’t like being in one world for so long. I like change. And I know there are new characters but it just feels like it’s never ending. It drags on for way longer than it needs to. I feel like with a series, there are plenty of places for it to end but it just doesn’t. It starts to seem like the author keeps writing the books as a money grab. Events get repetitive, characters stop growing, and the plot gets boring.
So then the question becomes what about duologies? I feel indifferent about them. I don’t know if I can really call it a series but its definitely not a stand alone. Duologies give you room to connect with the character more but still give you a satisfying ending. You don’t have to worry about the dragging feeling and they are significantly easier to “marathon”.

Overall stand alones leave room to connect with the character while lasting long enough to keep you satisfied. You get to see characters grow depending on the length of the book.

Thanks for guesting, Dejah! I have been more interested in standalones and duologies lately, myself.

Dejah is a 19 year old part time college student studying biology. She loves all things Disney and Marvel super heroes. Here favorite book genres are mystery/thriller and retellings of the Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland variety. If she isn’t reading, you can find her dancing and listening to music. Feel free to check her out at Legend Of Lost Books and follow her on twitter at Legend Of Books.
What do you think of standalones?

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