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Welcome to my fourth of seven Sunday guest posts for the SUMMER BLOG PROMO TOUR hosted by THE BOOK BRATZ!

When I visited Wren's blog, THE LITAKU, to get an idea of what I wanted her to guest post about I saw that it was brimming with anime, so my choice was easy!

There are many book to movie adaptations. So why can't there be book to anime adaptations? I prove my point that we need BTA adaptations like I need WiFi with 5 badass books that should be put into visuals.

Obviously, this book is on this list. It's a magical world of awesomeness. Who wouldn't want to see Nina's awesome powers or Kaz's plans take place? 

I'd love to see Leigh Bardugo's world come to life anime style. Plus, Ketterdam would be this crazy world to see in full HD.

To be honest, I'd just want to see Day portrayed accurately. I reject the white-washed version of him from the graphic novel. (Even though his wild hair did look pretty great.) 
I'd love to see all the fights from the novel brought to life. Who wouldn't?
Brownie points if we get to see cute flashbacks of June's life before Day.

Remember the Alfheim ARC from 'Sword Art Online'? Okay, you probably don't want to remember. But they were fairies. And they could fly. (Which is super cool.) Unlike OP for the Alfheim ARC which shows none of the scenery, I'd hope that the Maximum Ride anime shows the scenery that the Flock passes.
This is already a manga. (Or an Americanized manga. Which means sorta but not really graphic novel.) Which is good. I don't agree with Fang's art, though. Ew. (Look like Gakupo, will you?)
But Max and Fang? CUTE. Who wants to see them kiss? Raise your hands. You know you want to.

People with birds in their lungs? A+ for interesting. And blue-skinned people in the sky? AWESOME. 
I'd love to see this in reality. anime-ality. Which is 10x better than reality. 
I'd love to see their view of the sky and the Earth below. Wouldn't it be amazing to see how birds see? 

An assassin. A prince. And a bodyguard. And one of the most rage-filled romances ever.
Count me in.
This series would be great as an anime. It'd be a very long anime, though. (With many, many books.) But who wouldn't want to see Celaena climb that wall with her tarred feet?
This would be an A+ action anime (Alliteration!) with awesome, steamy romance. I would die to see this as an anime.

Thank you, Wren, for joining us here today. This is a great post and it has started me thinking about what stories I would want to see adapted as an anime. The Grishaverse would be on my top list, too!

Wren-kun is your local hoodie demon. All offerings can be made out to The Cave. Anime stuff, books, and hoodies preferred. Food and snacks accepted.
Wren enjoys long binge-watching sessions of anime and cute, tsundere-esque manifestations of countries (Romano for life.) Books are Wren's second life. Especially ones about badass heroes kicking butt and saving the world. (Or ones about normal people with normal people problems. There's a spectrum of genres Wren likes.)
You can normally find Wren hiding in the dark with only the only source of light the glow from the laptop's screen. Or drawing awkward characters or writing awkward characters. Awkward, right?

Do you watch anime? What would your top book to anime choice be?

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