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Welcome to my first of seven Sunday guest posts for the SUMMER BLOG PROMO TOUR hosted by THE BOOK BRATZ! There are 4O blogs participating, but we were divided up into groups of eight. We were encougaged to follow each other across social media, and we had to brainstorm together to come up with guest post topics that reflected our personalities, or interests, in some way. Here is my group!

Books for Thought
Unquenchable Reads

I would like to welcome Dana, from DANASQUARE, as my first guest!

When it comes to series my usual thought is the more the merrier! I have problems letting go of my favorite characters and worlds. I also have problems with keeping up with series.
La La was really interested in my thoughts on the rise of duologies --- two book series. There definitely have been more duologies being released recently.


The Merits:
▪Quick binge read - you have a complete story arc in two books. You don’t have to wait forever to find out where this is all leading up to.
▪Cheaper - keeping up with series is a pain on your mind and wallet!
▪Least likely to have a middle of the series cover change!
▪If you read only finished series, you only have two years of waiting.

▪You only get so much time with characters you fell in love with before they leave you.
▪There is less time for character development. 
▪Fandom doesn’t usually grow for duologies.


The Merits:
▪You have three books to bond with characters.
▪It is a story structure we are most familiar with: beginning, middle, end.
▪It allows for more plot development.
▪Still makes for an easy binge read.
▪Fandom is real for trilogies.

▪Second book slump, so many trilogies have sucky middle books!
▪More likely to have a random cover change.
▪The characters say bye after three books!

(aka 4 or more - basically any series longer than a trilogy)

The Merits:
▪Waiting for the next book makes friendships.
▪A life consuming binge read.

▪Can go stale, loses momentum
Filler books, books that do nothing to further the plot.
▪It is a lot of money to keep up with.
▪It can seem like the publisher is milking it for the money.

Duologies started sounding really great after writing this! I’m still a strong believer in the longer the better, and if it goes sour I jump ship.

Thank you, Dana, for guesting on my blog today!

What do you think about duologies?

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