Monday, February 25, 2019

BLOG ALL ABOUT IT - February 2019 - Pink


The February prompt for BURNING SOUP AND HERDING CAT's BLOG ALL ABOUT IT CHALLENGE is pink. I thought this was going to be a difficult challenge for me because I loathe the color. Funny though... I did like it during my pregnancy and bought two pink maternity tops, a few pair of pink socks, pink barrettes, and yes... pink Converse hightops. Ha ha. I still have the sneakers somewhere. I'll have to look for them. One shirt was a floral print, which I also hate, so it just goes to show how much hormones color pun intended our likes and dislikes.

I do like pink Starburst, though, and speaking of candy...

These are RUBY CHOCOLATE KIT CATS! They originated in Japan. I first read about them in an article about THE 350 FLAVORS OF JAPANESE KIT KATS. I guess they are available in the UK on a limited basis, but I haven't seen them here in the US. These are not to be confused with pink Strawberry Kit Kats.

My sister loves pink and Hello Kitty. I love purple and...

I love classic GODZILLA movies, but I also loved...

I identified with Iona so much!
And what was wrong with Andie?! I would have scooped up Duckie in a New York minute!

I bought this prefilled grinder for my son's Christmas stocking, and he loves it, but I guess I can buy him any salt grinder because contrary to popular belief it has no extra health benefits. It is also not from the Himalayas. Ha ha.

Do you like pink?

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